The Historic Preservation and Education Fund of The Racquet Club of Philadelphia

The Racquet Club has been a historic Philadelphia institution for over 125 years, serving the social and athletic needs of the local community. In 2015, The Racquet Club created The Historic Preservation and Education Fund to help preserve both the historical integrity of the Clubhouse and to create experiential learning opportunities for disadvantaged youths through the discovery of the game of squash.

Historic Preservation

Built in 1907 by famed architect Horace Trumbauer, The Racquet Club is a unique and historic Georgian Revival clubhouse.  One of the purposes of the Fund is to educate the public on the structural magnificence and history of Philadelphia’s best kept architectural secret.  Recognizing the importance of a remaining Horace Trumbauer building, the Fund seeks to preserve and memorialize the history and architecture of The Racquet Club and its environs.


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Squash Education

The primary purpose of the squash education program is to grow the game of squash through active engagement with the local community.  This includes offering local middle and high school students the opportunity to utilize the squash courts at The Racquet Club to learn the game of squash.  The Racquet Club’s squash professionals help local students to develop character, confidence, and athleticism through active participation in the game.

The addition of three new squash courts on the second floor of the Club has allowed ample space for this program to operate successfully.  To help serve the mission of Fund, The Racquet Club has developed a youth squash program capable of serving up to three schools.  Through an agreement with The Fund,  The Racquet Club has opened its private squash courts for two school programs.  St. Joseph’s Prep and Friends Select both have programs at The Racquet Club that run  to  finalizing a youth program that will use these courts to the benefit of local Philadelphia children.

Visitor Information


Hours Open to the Public

Guided tours of the Clubhouse are open to the public every first Monday of the month at 6:00pm. Reservations are required at least 24 hours prior to the tour. To schedule a tour, email

Dress Code

Guests are required to wear business casual attire in the Clubhouse. Appropriate business casual dress includes clothing that is neat, in good condition, and includes long pants, collared shirts, sport coats, dresses and skirts, sweaters, blouses and appropriate footwear. Short pants and collarless shirts (on men) are not permitted.

Guests should remove hats, caps, and visors in all areas of the Clubhouse with the exception of the Athletic floor.

At no time is the following attire acceptable in the Clubhouse: short pants, sweat pants, tank tops, clothing displaying inappropriate messages, ripped, torn, or frayed clothing, extremely casual or beach foot wear (men’s sandals, “flip flops”etc.), spandex, lycra, and tight fitting or revealing clothing.


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The Historic Preservation and Education Fund of The Racquet Club of Philadelphia is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions to The Historic Preservation and Education Fund of The Racquet Club of Philadelphia are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. The tax identification number is 47-2109241.

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