Squash Doubles

In 1907, the Club’s Head Professional, Frederich Tompkins, invented the game of Squash Doubles right here at The Racquet Club.  There was excess space on the 4th floor that was underutilized but was too small for a racquets court and too large for singles squash court.  It was in that analysis that Frederich Tompkins invented doubles squash and as a result, The Racquet Club became the home of the game’s first court.  The Philadelphia News reported not long after;

“During the year 1907 Squash Doubles was born here at The Racquet Club, due to the credit of then RC Coach, Fred Tompkins.  Tompkins was sent to England to purchase some equipment for the new clubhouse, upon his return he was shown the plans to turn a space about 30 by 50ft into a locker room.  More in jest than in earnest, but keeping a very straight face, Tompkins said: ‘Why you have just the right amount of space to build a court for that grand old game of squash doubles’.  The members of the committee were very interested in bringing over anything English, so the idea was passed.  But the joke was that squash doubles had never been played in England or anywhere else.  It had just been an idea Tompkins had been thinking about and thought would be a good game.  He devised the measurements and the rules.  Best of all when next he returned to England he was asked by a British club if he could make any suggestions likely to bring a few shillings – his answer, “Why not bring over that grand old American game of Squash doubles?”

The original doubles squash location was where Court B currently resides but when racquets began to lose interest, the second racquets court was converted into the current doubles court.  Due to the remarkable height of the ceiling, The Racquet Club doubles court is considered to be one of the best in the country.