Squash Singles

Squash is a racquet sport played against a wall in an enclosed court by two (singles) or four (doubles) players. A strong emphasis on stamina and quickness makes squash a popular and exciting game. Squash was developed for players new to the sport of Racquets, who were still developing their hand-eye coordination. Due to its accessibility and cheaper building expense, squash courts have popped up all over the world and Philadelphia is considered by most to be the mecca for squash in the United States, thanks in part to The Racquet Club’s contribution to the development of the sport as told by The Racquet Game (1930):

This is a description of the first true squash court built in the United States.  The court was erected in 1891 at the Racquet Club on Walnut Street in downtown Philadelphia.  It was squeezed under the roof in the back of one of the racquets courts.  To get in and out of the court was rather precarious, as the path leading to the court ran along the beams of the roof.  There was no gallery and the spectators had to look down from their high perch.

The Racquet Club, as the birthplace of squash in North America, essentially ensured the new game’s survival.  It had the only courts in the U.S. until after the turn of the century.  It started the first inter-club championships in 1904.  And in 1907, when it moved to its present location on Sixteenth Street, it built five singles courts and the first doubles court anywhere in the world.

As such, squash is the most played racquet sport at The Racquet Club.  The Clubhouse has three international singles squash courts on the 4th Floor and six total.  The courts see the most use between the months of September and April during the late evening times.  Many squash tournaments are held at the Club each which includes the U.S. Open Qualifying Rounds, The Jimmy Dunn Tournament, The Lord Percival, The Member-Guest Tournament, as well as several box leagues throughout the year.  The Club also has friendly matches with other clubs on the East Coast from time to time.